New paper: paleofire: an R package to analyse sedimentary charcoal records from the Global Charcoal Database to reconstruct past biomass burning

I am  pleased to announce the publication of a new study in Computers and Geosciences with Boris Vannière, Jennifer Marlon, Anne-Laure Daniau, Mitch Power, Simon Brewer and Patrick Bartlein. The paper is freely available online here until October 19 and soon as a package vignette for paleofire.


Paper highlights:
• We present the open source paleofire R package for analysis of sedimentary charcoal series.
• The package is used to analyse charcoal records from the Global Charcoal Database.
• The functions eases the steps for interrogating data contained within the GCD.
• Analyses included charcoal series transformation (homogenization) and synthesis.
• We describe paleofire by producing a regional synthesis of biomass burning in NE America.

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