Lab Services

University of Montréal paleoecology lab is offering a number of services to help you analyze and retrieve your samples. The Lab infrastructure includes one of the largest collection for paleoecology in eastern North America that includes (i) more that 2300 reference pollen slides corresponding to more than 1500 taxa, (ii) more than 1500 specimens of plant organs for 970 taxa, (iii) 12000 scientific articles and more than 500 reference books on paleoecology and (iv) host two major databases the BDPMQ (Base de données polliniques et macrofossiles du Québec, 700 sites in Eastern North America) and the GCD (Global Charcoal Database, more than 1000 sites worldwide,

The paleoecology lab offers a number of lab analytical services detailed below with prices in CAD: 

Analyzes Recommended time resolution (year) Volume required (cm3) – fresh sample  Academic prices (CAD)* External prices (CAD)*
Pollen 100 years 1 165 235
Phytolith 100 years 1-6 120 170
macro charcoal (>150 μm) continuous (every 0.5cm-1cm) 1 6 8
Loss on ignition continuous (every 0.5cm-1cm) 1 5 7
vegetation macro remains 100 years 10-20 110 150
magnetic susceptibility continuous (every 0.5cm-1cm) — full core only, no subsample — 35 50

*Prices are indicative, please contact us ( to get a quote.

We also offer renting coring equipment and fieldwork equipment including: 

  • Livingstone corer 
  • Kajak-brinkhurst corer for surface sediment
  • Russian corer
  • Core extruders and coring related equipment
  • Coring platforms and boats