50th lab paper! The LAST Coring Platform You Will Ever Need: Light, Affordable, Stable, and Transportable

We are very happy to share this technical note about our lab coring platform design published recently in Quaternary: Blarquez O. and Aleman J. C. 2020. The LAST coring platform you will ever need: Light, Affordable, Stable, and Transportable. Quaternary, 3, 27. https://doi.org/10.3390/quat3030027  

The paper is accessible in open access from the Quaternary website https://doi.org/10.3390/quat3030027 and the coring platform plan are available here: https://www.mdpi.com/2571-550X/3/3/27/s1 or here: quaternary-03-00027-s001

Abstract: Coring lakes and water bodies for paleoecological studies often involves using a coring platform to properly operate a sediment sampling device. In the past, coring platforms have been developed by specific paleoecology laboratories or by private companies. Those coring platforms are generally composed of two boats (inflatable boats, kayaks, etc.) connected together by a metallic and wood structure. While these coring platforms have proven their efficacy, they are not ideal in several coring settings requiring remote transportation, and their cost may be prohibitive for less funded paleoecological laboratories. On this technical note, we describe the Light, Affordable, Stable, and Transportable (LAST) coring platform. Coring platforms based on these principles and on the design presented herein have been extensively tested in various conditions and countries by our research group and collaborators. In the first part of this manuscript, we present the principles and the design of the LAST coring platform; then, we discuss the coring setting for which the LAST coring platform is suitable, and its possible limitations. Associated with this manuscript, we provide a construction and assemblage manual developed without words and with simple illustrations in order to make it easily accessible to speakers of any language.